Monday, July 16, 2018


Humblet's first swim class

Humblet currently goes to school about three to four times a week depending on our school / work schedule. She enjoys school very much and we know this because she re-enacts her day's event with her stuffed animal community before bed time nearly every night. With her play-acting as the teacher of course. Just last night, her Craftholic Rabbit family was forced to do a bunch of really awkward looking stretching exercises before she launched into a crazy dance time sans music.

Recently, she has even begun to put on her own uniform without having to be cajoled. We are baffled but very comforted by her eagerness for school.

Needless to say, like every other school, hers has a whole line up of enrichment classes for the children. Ranging from ballet, Chinese drama, clay crafts and so on. Here is our take on enrichment for pre-schoolers if you'd like to know -

Monday, June 25, 2018


Received this beautiful gift from a beautiful friend~

With the not-so-littlest one weighing a whooping two kilograms, doctor tells us to be ready to receive him earlier than expected. We are only in week thirty-three so that's a pretty scary thought. With the nursery currently barren from the recent mould extermination, its time to furnish the little man's room before he decides to make his grand entrance.

Cot - check
Mattress - check
Clothes - check
Diapers - check

Oh, I guess we're ready.

Initially, we had plans to buy a new shelving unit, install more drawers and all. Since, you know, two kids multiplies your stuff by ten some how. But instead, we decided to KonMari our home from head to toe. Viciously culling books, clothing, toys and even kitchen ware. Donating only the things we felt others could use again and recycling others that could not. Have a peek at my Carousell account and see if you'd like anything listed there!

In the end, we discovered we have more than enough storage and space for Singlet. If we manage to sell some of our extra storage, we'll have even more space! How wonderfully liberating it is to have a lot less. Humblet was very excited to see a lot less toys in her two-tiered shelf, I think its only because she could see all her toys at once. To think I was worried she'd discover her missing items. Not at all, she now spends a lot more time with one toy at a time simply because she has a lot less to distract her. Its great!

People tell me you're usually a lot more chill with your second child. I guess that's true. Even more true though is that J.G. and I are so chill, the folk around us get nervous on our behalf. Do you need clothing for Singlet? Do you need us to buy anything for baby? Does Singlet need a brand new music mobile? Could we buy you a baby monitor?

It is wonderful that Singlet is so well loved even before he is born. This beautiful Solly Baby Wrap of a gift is more wonderful than I would have expected! I can't wait to use it. We have received so many gorgeous brand new gifts as well, including clothing, blankets and swaddles. Clearly, Singlet will not have to survive of Humblet's hand-me-downs judging by the extravagance he himself is receiving.

 Humblet has already put aside a whole box of stuff for her baby brother she says. It includes her old toys, teething things, cloth books and a random assortment of I don't know what which she claims are for baby. Its great to have a child who loves babies, when you are not particularly fond of them yourself.

So here we go, its the last month (or six weeks we hope) fingers crossed.

Super excited and teeny bit scared,

Thursday, May 31, 2018


On the last week of school for this semester, it dawned upon us that baby #2 was already in the last trimester and so we very spontaneously decided to take off somewhere for a short getaway.

It was easy to decide where to go because we had these three main criteria -

1. Beach please

It had to be a beach. Doesn't matter if the water was green, blue or purple. For us, a true getaway is being able to stare at the endless horizon for hours and run around on sand! So that was the first.

2. Boat budget

We were working on a pretty tight budget. I won't tell you how much, but taking a flight alone would burst that budget out of proportion. So we went with boat accessible options instead. Fortunately, we live in Singapore where boat options are aplenty!

3. Brand new preferred

Since we ditched flight options, we decided we would search for a newer resort. Didn't need to be high end, luxurious or any of those things, but we have learnt over the years that hotel wise, newer is nearly always better.

With all the above being said, we narrowed down to three options and quickly decided on Harris Barelang Batam. Brand new, with the biggest room option at a very reasonable price and free shuttle service to and from the resort. We had no desire whatsoever to shop or buy local products this trip. All we really wanted was to get away from crowded, noisy Singapore and get sun burnt to our heart's content.

And so we did.

You may ask, how did we manage to travel without Humblet for three whole days?

On her end, she was super excited and had a whole long list of activities planned with her grandmother and her uncle. On our end, we decided even before having any children that we would make it a point to do at least one meal a week and one getaway a year without our kid(s).

For some of our friends, its a complete no go. You do not ever leave your kids behind. But for us, the motivation was really for each other. Its hard enough to keep a marriage together these days, much less manage one with a kid (going two kids). So we promised that we would always put each other before our kids and these short getaways give us time to remember that commitment.  For all the caregivers of Humblet, we are extremely grateful and can only pray Singlet will be just as easy with other people.

We were really so blessed that the resort was so quiet and that we could have so much pool time all to ourselves. Three days is a short time, but its really all the time we needed to relax and recharge.

Hope you will get some time off this School Holiday period~


Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Is it a girl? Is it a boy? If I were to tell you, we decided to give this child the nickname Singlet does it give you a clue of the gender of our second child? 

Either way, we are in week twenty-six. Slowly making headway into the third and final trimester. With the (still) low-lying placenta, the aim to go back to our exercise routine has been slow. Humblet and I did manage an hour-long walk by the park connector the other day, that was really great. Other than that, Singlet’s kicks have come full on, so much so I can be rudely woken up in the wee hours of the night. As if I am not waking up several times to pee already.

Here is the full Baby Bumps experience if you’d like to read on –

Friday, April 6, 2018


Being a firstborn myself, I was well aware prior to becoming a parent, of the perils one faced bringing up this child-king in the home. As the first granddaughter to both sides of the family, I was brought up extremely spoilt, as my own parents would attest to. Birthday celebrations were lavish occasions with huge custom-made cakes and full on catered meals, very rare when I was a child. It gave me much fear that my firstborn would experience the same, since she too would be the first granddaughter to both sides of our families. 

Here is my journey of mothering my firstborn thus far –

Saturday, March 17, 2018



Unbelievable as it sounds, we are already halfway through this pregnancy. It is no understatement when others tell me, each pregnancy is different from another. With Humblet, the second trimester was a disciplined time of gaining weight, exercising and preparing the home for her arrival. Little Bashful, who has been hiding his or her gender up till now, has been a rather pleasant pregnancy thus far. Some morning sickness during the first trimester, but that’s all behind us now. Here is the full baby bumps account at week twenty –

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


     Now that we are in the fourth month of this second pregnancy, we have been more ready to tell others about it. The fact is, this baby bump is getting harder to hide, and so people have guessed even without us telling them.

The most common question asked - how is this pregnancy different from the first?

Well. To be honest, Humblet was a very challenging and special pregnancy. An insane amount of cramps leading up to an operation in the first trimester caused us no shortage of stress and fear. But this post is really about the second pregnancy, you can read more about the first one here.

In light of the above, I have been telling friends that this pregnancy has been a normal one. Normal in such a way I am very grateful.

Read the full story below -